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  • Maldives Marine Expo 2016 begins at Hulhumale
    27th September 2016

    Welcome to Maldives Marine Expo 2016, the Official Exhibition of Live-aboard Association of Maldives (LAM).


    This exhibition, organised and conducted by BLAK, is presented as a fantastic experience with extensive information on how you can explore and conduct a successful boating business in the beautiful islands of Maldives.


    Maldives Marine Expo is a great opportunity for the local and international boating businesses. The unique exhibition held from 27th – 30th September 2016 will exceed your expectations with a wide range of displayed exhibits; from new models by boat builder’s, advanced boat building materials, and the latest marine engines and their accessories, to a variety of water sports and diving equipments.


    Boating Industry enthusiasts from all around the country will visit the event to view and discuss business ideas on the showcased brands, and get informed about the latest maritime services provided by the exhibitors.


    The journey will not end here. LAM remains the key voice of the Tourist Live-aboard Industry, ensuring that businesses grow stronger with the support of suppliers and the relevant authorities. LAM continues the effort in finding solutions for a safe harbour which still remains a necessary goal but without a conclusion. Regardless, the work of LAM with our partners like BLAK has been successful achievements towards the progress of our efforts.


    With the Model of “Maldives Marine Expo”,  we are making a major contribution to the future of the Maldivian marine industry.  

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