LAM Members
  • Blue K Safari Maldives Pvt Ltd
    M. Ahuliha, Haveeree Hingun,, Male
    contact number : +960 333 5035

    SUN!!! FUN!!! SEA!!!! Are the BUZZWORDS at Blue "K" Safari, A company which was established on 1998 to offer unique travel packages to marine enthusiasts who are significantly looking to include all their favorite packages.

    Blue "K" Safari Maldives offers various packages to cater different taste of divers, sailors, fishers and surfers.

    The fleet of Safari Vessels owned or Operated by Blue "K" Safari has several features represent "Blue K" excellent food, comfortable rooms and incomparable services. The vessels and holiday packages of Blue "K" Safari are known for its typical Maldivian Décor and touches integrated with modern comfort.

    Our vision is to be a step ahead of our competitors in providing a services at a price you can afford..and let us assure you,that you will have the time of your life ! As we offer a world of holidays...customize and personalized only for you.... for your preferences.

  • Lets Go Maldives Pvt Ltd
    1st floor, Lets Go Tower, M. Boaddu, Haveereehingun _ Male’ 20-025, Maldives
    contact number : +960 3347755
    We give you the perfect vision of paradise along with world-class hospitality.

    As one of Maldives’s largest travel agencies, we offer the widest variety of holiday deals anywhere in the Maldives, be it exotic resort hotels, or lavish safaris, excursions of any type or even exclusive Private Island deals.

  • Voyages Maldives Pvt Ltd
    Narugis, Chandhanee magu, PO box 2019, Male’,, Maldives.
    contact number : +960 3323617

    Voyages Maldives is your one stop shop for all your travel needs to the Maldives, whether you are a tour operator, airline operator or and individual traveler visiting the Maldives.

    Established in 1980, Voyages Maldives is a travel company based in the Maldives involved in a wide range of tourist services. Although specializing in ‘Dhoni’ Safari programs, which include Cruising, Diving and Surfing Safaris amongst the different options offered, Voyages Maldives also provide Ground Handling services to Tour Operators, Supervision & Representation for airlines and travel solutions to/from anywhere in the world. Voyages Maldives also has a highly qualified and esteemed team working to provide you the best tour option here in the Maldives. We work very closely with all the resorts in the Maldives, making Voyages Maldives the perfect choice for your next holiday in these beautiful islands. During 2011 more than 121,000 visitors trusted Voyages Maldives to look after their visit to the Maldives.

    The preferred way of experiencing the most beautiful islands in the World – the Maldives, is certainly in the care of Voyages Maldives.

  • Blue Horizon Maldives
    1st Floor, H. Light Grey, Male
    contact number : +960 3321169
    Whenever you gaze at the horizon on a fine Maldivian day, you will see a tranquil Blue Horizon. The sun looks to shine on your face, the earth to feel your bare feet, wind to play with your hair, the sea to whisper in your ears and we, Blue Horizon to serve you to enjoy.
    We are here to make your dream holiday a reality. Whether you are visiting Maldives to get away from the stress of life, cold and dull climate in order to enjoy the warmth of Maldivian sun and the tranquility of Blue Maldives Horizon, we are here to serve you.

    Blue Horizon management has over 20 years experience in travel and tourism industryand is registered with Ministry of Tourism and Maldives Tourism Promotion Board. We can arrange your holiday in a private island, a resort, hotels and yachts for a relaxation and wellness holiday, honeymoon or anniversary or for an adventure and action filled with scuba diving, sport fishing, cruising and surfing holiday.
  • Vista Company & Travel Services Pvt Ltd
    M.Rowville,3rd Flr, Fareedhee Magu, Male’ Maldives
    contact number : +960 3320952
    With more than 13 years of experience as a specialist tour operator, Vista Company & Travel Services Private Limited have a long standing reputation for affordable excellence, going that extra mile to make every hour of your holiday count.
  • World Surfaris
    Mooloolaba QLD 4557,, Australia
    contact number : 617 5444 4011
    At World Surfaris we pride ourselves on being sensitive to local cultures and having a minimum of impact (both environmental and crowd factor) to any destination we offer. There is something for everyone in the World Surfaris range so browse the site and see what's on offer – you might just find the best time of your life. 

    ACN:079608816 Licence Nbr:TAG1549
  • Seafari Maldives
    Malé,, République des Maldives
    contact number : +960 7651800
  • Marselia Maldives
    hulhugali 4th Floor, Kalhuhuraa Magu, 20192, Male, Maldives
    contact number : +9607785836
  • Canopus Maldives
    Male, Maldives
    contact number : +9607778955
    Canopus Maldives, formed in 1997 and started off as owners and operators of two luxury Safari cruise boats, Dhinasha & Orca, and have been providing a selection of tours including diving, surfing and cruising trips in the Maldives.   Over the years we have expanded our business into Hotel/Resort bookings,  Honeymoon Packages, Excursions, and other Handling Services in  Maldives. 
  • Faunu Travels
    M.Kurima, 1st Floor Sabdheli Magu, Male
    contact number : +960 333 2868
    Welcome to Faunu Travels where we offer the best of the Maldives for your holiday, honeymoon and business needs. We have a fantastic collection of top resorts, liveaboards and city hotels that can cater to your wishes and create your ideal tour. Explore our website and contact us today, we will indulge in finding and selecting the most suitable services for you here in the Maldives.
  • Floating Asia
    M.Kovarik, 2nd Floor, Orchid Magu, Male
    contact number : +9603306606
    Floating Asia is the Magazine dedicated to the people who wants to enjoy, explore and experience the Asian Surf Breaks,Dive Sites and the Asian Liveaboards. This Annual publication will provide you the best information available on Asian Surf Breaks and Famous Destinations on Scuba Diving and Cruising.
    Whether you are into diving, surfing, game fishing or just cruising, a liveaboard is a dream holiday like no other. 
    South East Asia and the Indian Ocean are the world’s hotspot of Marine biodiversity and therefore the most ideal region for liveaboards. No where else on earth enjoys richer waters or such abundance of marine life.
    Liveaboard industry in this region has proliferated immensely in this last couple of years with the diverse options the region offers - from cruising along Thailand’s spectacular west coast to exploring the picturesque Maldive Islands with its white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. It is beyond doubt that a need has arisen for an exclusive liveaboard magazine of Asia, and hence Floating Asia stepped up to the task of providing to the Liveaboard enthusiasts the latest news and articles on all the aspects of Asian Liveaboards.
  • Carpe Diem Maldives Pvt Ltd
    H. Coal Field , 1st Floor, Kalhuhuraa Magu, Male’ , Maldives
    contact number : +960 330 0883

    If you are looking for a scuba diving holiday in the Maldives, look no further. The best way to experience Maldives’ under water scuba diving paradise is to join one of our luxurious liveaboards the Carpe Diem or the Carpe Vita. You will be cruising in style, pampered by our crew, while scuba diving 3 to 4 times a day, guided by our experienced Maldivian dive guides. During our 7 or 10 night liveaboard cruises throughout the year, we will do our utmost best to show you a little bit of everything the Maldives has to offer. From the big “stuff” like whale sharks, manta rays, sharks to the small nudibranches, shrimps, ghost pipe fishes and much much more. Come and ‘ Seize the Day’ – Carpe Diem – with us and book your liveaboard holiday now.

    We are also pleased to inform you that as of 2012 we have started wave surfing trips during summer time, which we will continue to offer in the next years.

    For more detailed information on our liveaboards, scuba diving in the Maldives, surfing in the Malidives, schedules, itineraries, explore our website further. Hope to welcome you soon on one of our two liveaboards.

  • Cruise Maldives
    # 45, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’ Republic of Maldives
    contact number : +960 3303692
  • Noorani Trade & Travels Pvt Ltd
    M.Blue Stone, Majeedhee Magu, Male', Maldives
    contact number : 00960 7781119
  • Diving Adventure Maldives
    contact number : 00960-7783365
  • Maldives Boat Club
    Male', Maldives
    contact number : +9607772403

    The Maldives Boat Club provides guests with the unique opportunity to visit the country’s most popular and appealing dive sites. Divers encounter the widest range of marine life possible, and some are fortunate enough to encounter rare and friendly creatures like whale sharks and pilot whales too.

    If you are ready for an experience beyond compare then Maldives is the place for you!
  • Blak Pvt Ltd
    M. Chambeyleege , Shaariu Varudhee, Male
    contact number : +9607973302
    email :
    BLAK is a dynamic enterprise by a skilful and experienced team of individuals coming together under one vision and purpose of creativity outside the norm. 
  • AN+Associates
    Ma. Petral, Iskandharu Magu,, Male', Maldives
    contact number : +9603300633
    Ma. Petral,
    Iskandharu Magu,
  • Blue Shark Enterprises
    Male, Maldives
    contact number : +9607784826
    Owners & Operators of Blue Shark 1 & Blue Shark 2 Liveaboards
  • MV Orion
    Male, Maldives
    contact number : +960 7996626

    Paradise on earth is partial without its underwater realm, which makes the Maldives one of the most appealing dive destinations in the world. The Maldives is warm and fascinating, and provides rich marine life with coral reefs teaming with activity, visited by schools of fish and playful dolphins.

    With 26 atolls consisting of outer and inner reefs, The Maldives is one of the most diverse scuba diving destinations in the world. Amazing channel dives draw animals from the deep, which will leave you spellbound. Mountainous pinnacles (thila) rise from 35m and taper to 8m, which make them ideal for those slower, more relaxing dives.

    The average water temperature is 27C (80F) and current can be strong at about 1.5 knots, which is ideal for shark and manta ray encounters. Fasten your seatbelts and glide into the blue for the most awe-inspiring experience of your life.

    Cruising on MV Orion is the ideal way to discover the magic that surrounds The Maldives.

  • Muni Travels
    5th Floor Muni Building, M. Loobiyaa, Ameenee Magu, Male
    contact number : +960 333 1512
  • Seagull Group Pvt Ltd
    Narugis , Chaandhanee Magu, Po Box 20191 Male
    contact number : +960 332 6539
    Seagull Group Pvt Ltd was established in 1984 and has evolved over the years diversifying and strengthening clearly defined product lines with a unique level of service. 

    The first outlet of the company is the Seagull Marine which was initially introduced as Seagull Store 1. The oldest outlet the company owns is the Seagull Café. Since 1985 this garden restaurant initially operated independently under the name Gabbiano and in 1994 it came under the operation of Seagull Group with the change in name to Seagull Café. 

    In 1995, Sea Sports entered the market targeting to provide surfing and swimming gear for the resorts. Seagull Foods was also opened in 1995 then known as Seagull Store 4. Initially the introduction of a foods outlet was solely based on retailing and wholesaling products from Maafahi. The island Maafahi in the Haa Alifu Atoll is where Seagull Group has its agricultural and fisheries project combined with a boatyard. Seagull Foods opened its second outlet in 2007.
  • Sun Travels & Tours
    H. Maley Thila, Meheli, Goalhi, Male
    contact number : +960 332 5977
    Sun Travels and Tours is one of the leading tour operators and travel agents in the Maldives. It was founded and established in 1990 by Mr. Ahmed Siyam Mohamed. The primary business activity of the company is inbound tourism. With 19 years of experience we are now currently bringing over 20,000 passengers, showing that we have grown from being a relatively small business to one of the top ranked inbound operators in the country with strong ties with the resorts in Maldives as well as tour operators worldwide. Our objective is to maintain a high standard of service in accordance with the requirements of the valued traveller. 

    We are constantly thriving to increase the efficiency of the service provided, by creating a service where clients could contact our department and receive first hand information on the resorts and the services they offer. We work on allotment basis with a large number of resorts in Maldives, presently we hold over 300 beds in resorts of different categories, to meet the demands of individual client needs. We do offer other services as arranging diving, surfing, safaris and special packages for honeymooners, groups, weddings and meet and greet service. The portfolio within our group of companies includes exclusive resorts; Vilu Reef Beach & Spa Resort, a 4 star deluxe property situated in South Nilandhe Atoll and the award winning Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort, in Soth Male’ Atoll. The group also operates Sunset Queen, the 9 cabin luxury safari vessel . The Sun group of companies is also involved in managing and operating spas and diving schools and as such the brands Sun Diving School and Sun Spa has been created and rolled into the owning properties. To maintain the existing markets and develop new markets, we regularly organize familiarization tours to agents throughout the year. We also participate in several international travel exhibitions. Our efforts to constantly update and maintain the website at the top level was recognized by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers and thus awarded the prestigious Golden Web Award for excellence achieved in design, content and creativity. Since 2009, Sun Travels & Tours also acts as the GSA for Oman Air, the flag carrier of the Sultanate of Oman who operates 4 weekly flights to the Maldives . Sun Travels & Tours was also the proud recipient of the Gold Star Award for Quality 2000, the first Maldivian company to receive this prestigious award. This was a tribute to the hard work and determination of the management in continuing its efforts to promote us as a quality service provider, par excellence.
  • Maldives Scuba Tours Ltd
    Innovation House, Boldero Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 7BS, UK.
    contact number : +960 7777341

    Here at Scuba Tours, our reputation has been built on the first hand knowledge gained from more than 21 years as tour operators. The number of our repeat customers is testimony to the excellent level of service we deliver to our clients.

    When you book a holiday with us, you can be sure that we have visited the destination ourselves and can offer you informed advice. Our sales staff, who of course are also divers, will listen to your expectations and use their personal knowledge and experience to help you plan your trip.

  • Indian Ocean Charters Maldives
    1 st Floor, MA. Rafrafge, Buruzu Magu,, Male', Rep. of Maldives
    contact number : + 960 33 44 820

    Indian Ocean Charters Maldives (IOCM) is a leading professional supporting agency and service operator with very strong background and associated with some of the leading companies in Maldives. Our services, operations and products cover all the business sectors in Maldives.

    There is no question about our personalized services capability, efficiency and reliability in all the sectors we have invested and servicing.

  • Albatros Top Boat
    H. Finimaage aage, Bodufungandu Magu, Male', Maldives
    contact number : +39 0323 505220
    Albatros Top Boat is a Tour Operator Italian leader in the cruise market and exclusive holidays to the Maldives. Since 1990, Albatros Top Boat brings the professionalism and experience of Italian tourists to the Maldives. 
    was born from a dream and the draft Maximum Sandrini and Donatella Telli (Dodi), which still guide the company in the first person, Albatros Top Boat has three offices in Northern Italy: • Registered in Verbania • Office in Novara • Office in Milan and manages Yachts in the Maldives, as well as the programming of many other boats of superior and luxury in the most fascinating destinations in the world.
  • Guraabu Trade & Travels
    G.Dhinfini Vilaa, Neeloafaru Magu, Male', Rep. of Maldives
    contact number : +960 7771242
  • Maldives Scuba Diving GmbH
    Raiffeisenplatz 1, 8793 Trofaiach, FN371096f, Austria
    contact number : +43 3847 30902
    Book your Maldives holiday directly online and choose from our diverse selection of scuba diving liveaboard safari ships, brand new guest houses and hotel resorts.  We offer a wide range of scuba diving holidays to suit every taste and budget. With over 20 years of experience in the Maldives and unrivalled expertise, our team is happy to assist you with booking your own cruise on the dive ship of your choice, one of the guest houses or any hotel resort if you like a mix of boat and land based holiday. Explore the atolls and enjoy your Maldives vacation with our selection of great value holidays. All liveaboards are checked regularly to ensure the highest level of service and safety. Maldives Dive Travel guarantees unforgettable Maldives holidays at lowest prices!
  • Ocean Divine Maldives
    H.Noomage, Violet Magu, Male', Maldives
    contact number : +960 7787670
  • Your Maldives
    Penzy Aage, Alikilagefaanu Magu, Male', Maldives
    contact number : 009607958808

    With almost 7 years of providing excellence service within the Maldivian tourism industry, through experienced, energetic and competent staff, We have, in particular, focus on developing existing, as well as new markets, to offer the Maldives as a unique, first-rated tropical holiday destination. Our partners and clients include travel agents, tour operators and individual travelers. Each represents an important part of our multi-layered distribution network.

    We operate handsome number of safari cruises in Maldives. Also owe some of the boats and others come under sales rights and high affiliation

  • Sea Explorers
    H. Asfaam, 1st Floor, Bodufungandu Magu, Maldives
    contact number : 009603316172

    Established in 1993, we were Male's first dive school and remain leaders in the dive industry in the Maldives. We also manage dive services on board a number of Safari Boats sailing in the Maldivian Waters including the MV. Carina and Divemaster.

    For People on a budget and want to dive in the Maldives, Male' is the place to go. There are a variety of guest houses and hotels to choose from that will suit almost any wallet. Please contact us and we will be happily to help you find the right accommodation for your stay.

    Sea Explorers is a PADI 5 star Gold Palm resort and we offer the complete range of PADI courses from introductory dives to professional courses. Whether you want to take your first breath underwater; are a novice diver keen to gain experience under the watchful eye of a professional; or a seasoned diver looking to partake in the adventure side of diving, we can arrange the perfect dive for you.

  • Sea N See Pvt Ltd
    9th Floor, Kashmeeru Vaadhee,, Gul alaa Goalhi, Male
    contact number : 009607787236
    Founded in 1992, Sea & See has flowered to the first rank of travel agencies in the country, handling several thousand tourists a year. Cashing on the growing number of scuba divers looking to dive the country's world class dive sites in comfort, the company was the pioneer of luxury live-aboard diving in the country with the launch of M/Y Manthri in 1995.

    Our expansion is the fruit of our dedicated and experienced staff. Our managing director Mr.Ibrahim Hussain Manik has been in the travel business since 1983 and our general manager Ahmed Nazeer since 1988. Our friendly team is always at your service. Our mission is to make your holiday smooth and hassle-free. After all a satisfied client is the best advertisement for the company.

    Our services include hotel reservation, airport handling, dive cruises, surf safaris, sports fishing, filming tour and incentives. We also offer tours in Sri Lanka and India, our closest neighboring countries.
  • Ark Travel
    4th floor, Filaa Building, Male' 20188, Maldives
    contact number : 0096033333943

    ARK TRAVEL is one of the leading Luxury Travel Experts having its head office in Male’, the Capital of Maldives. Our collection of luxury resorts in the Maldives is amongst the finest in the world. Our dedicated team of travel consultants will assist you in planning your holiday to this beautiful exotic destination.

    Our travel consultants get acquainted with our partner resorts to acquire knowledge and detailed information about the product. ARK TRAVEL has contracts with some of the finest luxury resorts in the Maldives, enabling us to offer our clients the best possible options and great value

  • Static Tours
    M.Huraa, Fareedhee Magu, Male' 20256, Maldives
    contact number : 009603310307

    “STATIC TOURS - MALDIVES” was clearly formed as a brand holiday organizer, with the chain of supportive leading companies and Associate Partners in the Maldives, which the working relationship has been colossal since years.

    We are a full-service travel company in the Maldives since 1996, officially registered at the Maldivian Trade & Economic Development (C-98/1996) and have obtained a special license from the Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation of Maldives (Reg: TRA48), which is necessary to conduct travel-related services.

    Static Tours is specialized in Tailor-Made Holidays & Special Packages, Group Bookings & Tours, Handling VIPs & Celebrities, Luxury Tours, Private Charters / Hires, for those who want a dream holiday in the Maldives. With over 17 years of experience in the business, we are confident that our services will be unrivalled and that we can offer the best holiday deals at the amazing islands of Maldives.

    Static Tours is the Owners & Operators of M/Y Dhaainkanbaa (, undoubtedly the most exclusive and luxurious liveaboard cruise in the Maldives unmatched by any investment, facilities, services & staff to guest ratio, or just plain looks to date. The floating boutique hotel offers intriguing capabilities of royalty to modern day adventurers in a fine combination of contemporary modern luxury mixed with the art of Maldivian tradition.

  • Trip Concept
    H.Mehelige 4_3, 03rd Floor, Kurangi Goalhi , Male' , Maldives
    contact number : +960 7771996
    If you are planning to visit Maldives to explore surf trips, diving trips, holiday packages, you can find lot of information from internet. Before you travel, you must check many things that you may required. But best thing is you don't have to worry about your visa as you will get a 30 day on arrival visa. Maldives is having lot of adventures to explore. I will write some of the services specially water sports related. You can have best surf trips, surfing in the Maldives is really fun and adventure. You can make your whole holiday as a dive trip. Again, diving trips and diving in Maldives is unique. You cannot get a similar dive points and underwater scene. If you are planning a holiday, please try to come to Maldives to explore, best diving trips, best Maldives surfing trips, best Maldives holiday packages,best Maldives resorts, best Maldives hotels.
  • Handy Travels
    C_o : Handy Holdings, Male' , Maldives
    contact number : +960 3310812
    We are, a company that enables people to have the best possible partnership experience through:
    * A knowledgeable and skilled staff
    * Continuous improvement of systems and technology
    * Continuous addition to our database of partners
    * A quality and innovative partner service

    - Our outlet includes

    • Figure perfect -Specialized in Undergarments
    • Handy Toys -Specialized in Baby toys and Gifts
    • Handy Plus -Specialized in Sanitary Wares
    • Handy Style -Specialized in Furniture (Home & Office)
    • Handy warehouse -Specialized in Building Materials 
    • Handy Star -Specialized in Lights
    • Handy Bricks -Specialized in Bricks
    • Handy Travels and Tours -Specialized in Travels and Tours.
  • Sachika Maldives
    Male', Maldives
    contact number : +9609151522
    website :
    The MY Sachika is a luxury liveaboard running trips either for full charter or individual bookings, around some of the best dive sites in the Maldives. The most common itineraries include North Male, South Male and Ari Atoll (and normally Rasdhoo and Vaavu atolls) with some tours going further south and others further north.
  • Scuba Spa Pvt Ltd
    H.Aagadhage , 3rd Flr, Boduthakurufaanu Magu 20026, Male
    contact number : +960 3322666

    Scubaspa Pvt. Ltd is a European management company which operates two brand new motorized yachts: SCUBASPA YING and SCUBASPA YANG and offers exactly what its unique name suggests  - the luxury holiday experiences that combine two elements, Scuba diving and Spa, both of which are delivered at the highest levels onboard.

    Scubaspa embodies the concept of a floating resort and is one the leading live aboard operators in the Maldives.

  • Hey Maldives
    Ma.Rose, Iskandharumagu, Male', Maldives
    contact number : +9607774091
    Whether you’re looking to explore a hot new culture of Maldives or just kicking back on a tropical beach, there’s nothing most of us would rather do with our spare time than travel. But the world is a big, big place and working out where to go and where to stay can really eat into that precious time.

That’s why we’re here. Hey Maldives is a travel agency that provides insider access, expert knowledge and exclusive deals on the world’s greatest vacation spots. We curate travel experiences, which means we assist you from choosing the destination that best suits you, to through your stay until your flight back home.

  • Sailing Tours Pvt Ltd
    M. White Sand ground fl Unigas Magu , Postal code 20296, Male' Maldives
    contact number : 009603325468
    email :
    website :

    Sailing Tours Private Limited is a company duly registered with the Registrar of Companies of the Republic of Maldives in 1997. Our main line of business is in travel – handling inbound tours to some of the finest Maldivian resorts and live-aboard safari vessels.

    Over the years we have been actively developing ourselves as a trusted friend for our valued guests and as a reliable business partner for our tour operators and associated resorts and vessels. We have worked with leading tour operators in the Europe and facilitated holiday packages for Italian, French, British and German holiday makers in the Maldives. Our staff and representatives are on call 24 hours a day, paying close attention to every need of all our esteemed customers and ready to go the extra-mile to make their holidays in the Maldives an unforgettable experience.

  • Stay Islands Pvt Ltd
    G.Fanas , 6th Floor, Rahdhebai Hingun, Male
    contact number : +960 3304055
    email :
    website :
    Stay Islands is a tour operator in Maldives, providing comprehensive service for groups and individuals from and to the country. we are dedicated to creating and facilitating travel experiences that give each person a true sense of the country and culture they are visiting. we are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm
  • Maldives Holiday Collections
    G.Kiyavaage, First Floor, Male', Maldives
    contact number : 009609963445
    email :
    website :
  • Dune Maldives
    Male',, Maldives
    contact number : +33 (0)4 88 66 48 13
    email :
    website :
    Dune welcomes you to the paradise archipelago of the Maldives in the heart of the Indian Ocean, with its slickly run organization thanks to the expertise of Sean and his team. Depending on your liveaboard, you’ll get the chance to dive among the colourful fauna and the coral reefs. In the straits, you’ll be able to get close up to the grey sharks and other pelagic species and you’ll be able to see the manta rays performing their toiletries at the cleaning stations... Welcome to paradise!
  • Ocean One Pvt Ltd
    M.Sunny Breeze 10B ,Shaheed Ali Hingun, Male', Maldives
    contact number : 009607733377
    email :
    website :
  • Haluvi Fuel Pvt Ltd
    M.Rani, 8th Floor, Fareedhee Magu, Male', Maldives
    contact number : 009609975553
    email :
    website :
  • Liveaboard Association of Maldives | +960 330 0640 |
    Facebook | Twitter | Instagram